Breaking Records

       I’ve been crazy busy! My photography business has been growing rapidly these past few months. I have been breaking sales records each month and July is going to be my best month yet. I have 5 photography jobs just next week! I have also sold a record number of prints this month. I was finally able to get out and do some shooting for fun the other night as well. We have had some fantastic sunsets this month and unfortunately I have missed most of them, but this week I was able to get some great shots that I will post below.

       My day job has also been crazy busy. I am currently the #1 commercial banker in West Florida for the company and I’m already 80% of the way to my annual goal with the year only half over. I have enough in my pipeline to take me over 100% by September. Hoping the run continues as the company trip for the top 10% this year is to Aspen, Colorado!

       Being so busy I realized the other day that I have not used any vacation time in awhile and still have 2 weeks left. My girlfriend and I decided to take just over a week off next month as we both need some time to relax. We’re taking a trip to Nashville for a few days since neither of us have ever been there, and then just come back and chill around here for the other half. Then its only a couple months wait till my favorite trip to Key West in October. 

       So I mentioned next week I have 5 photo jobs which is going to keep me busy. I have 3 real estate shoots, I’m photographing the kids at the Boys and Girls club for their new website, and I’m doing my first wedding since I was in college on Saturday. I swore I would never do weddings again, but its for friends of mine so I couldn’t say no. Who knows maybe I’ll find I enjoy doing them again and can start doing them every once in awhile.

       Hope you’re all doing well! 

Moving Forward!

       Wow has it been an interesting 2.5 months since my last post. I never made it on my trip to Banff. At the 11th hour I decided it was not the best way to spend those two weeks with all the personal stuff I was going through. Had I not been going alone I probably would have still gone, but my head was not in the right place to be out on the road so far from home for that long. I will make it there soon though! I did however take a couple short and more local trips to Jekyll Island, GA and Orlando. A few of the photos from those trips will be posted below. 

       I did take the two weeks off from work, and used it to relax, pick up some photography jobs, meet a lot of really awesome people that have helped me get through probably the toughest time of my life this far. I can’t thank them enough for keeping me sane, distracted, and happy!

       Divorce is not fun, and not something I ever thought I would go through, however when someone you thought loved you does not want to work through the issues causing problems, goes so far as to make them worse, there is no other choice. You have to keep your dignity, move forward, and not look back. I just wish I would have trusted my instincts 6 months prior, but I was manipulated to believe I was reading to much into things. As it turned out I was dead on and continue to be validated on what I knew in my heart. ALWAYS trust your instincts. On the flip side having gone through what I did helped make the actual divorce and the aftermath much easier.

       Onward and upward! I have moved into a place I have admired for a couple years because of its location. It’s right in Downtown Punta Gorda, allows me to walk to all my favorite spots, and has a great atmosphere. The 2 bedroom condo is on the 4th floor with a great view of Charlotte Harbor, and gives me the space to have my photo studio which I plan on using quite a bit in the near future. My dog loves walking around downtown, especially on Saturdays during the farmers market. He always meets lots of people and other dogs.

       Unfortunately I have not been doing a lot of photography for myself, however I have been very busy with paid jobs which is nice. My goal each month is to make at least half of my rent in photography income, and I have been successful at that for the past 2 months. I will be doing some shooting for myself very soon as I do really miss it. I’m hoping for a few nice sunsets this week and doing some exploring at parks and environmental locations I have not been to yet. 

       I look forward to hopefully adding to this more frequently now that my life is becoming more normalized. I’m enjoying life and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.

Take 2

     Less than a week until my cross country trip into Canada, and it can’t come fast enough. Now more than ever I need this time away to think, reflect, and create. I will be leaving in the afternoon of March 29th and will be coming back on the 13th or 14th of April. In that two weeks I will cover over 7,000 miles, and about 100 hours of driving. The main stops along the way are the mountains of Northern Georgia, Black Hills, SD, Glacier National Park, MT, Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, Salt Lake City, and Colorado Springs/Denver, Colorado. 

     When I get back unfortunately I will be dealing with divorce from my wife of almost 14 years. I’m hoping that since we have no children, and just a house and bank accounts that need to be split, that we can make it fast so that we can move on with starting our lives over. 

      My next post will come from the road. I hope that the content that I create will be enjoyable to follow along with. I am excited to create some great images from the natural beauty of our country and our neighbor to the north. 

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