Breaking Records

       I’ve been crazy busy! My photography business has been growing rapidly these past few months. I have been breaking sales records each month and July is going to be my best month yet. I have 5 photography jobs just next week! I have also sold a record number of prints this month. I was finally able to get out and do some shooting for fun the other night as well. We have had some fantastic sunsets this month and unfortunately I have missed most of them, but this week I was able to get some great shots that I will post below.

       My day job has also been crazy busy. I am currently the #1 commercial banker in West Florida for the company and I’m already 80% of the way to my annual goal with the year only half over. I have enough in my pipeline to take me over 100% by September. Hoping the run continues as the company trip for the top 10% this year is to Aspen, Colorado!

       Being so busy I realized the other day that I have not used any vacation time in awhile and still have 2 weeks left. My girlfriend and I decided to take just over a week off next month as we both need some time to relax. We’re taking a trip to Nashville for a few days since neither of us have ever been there, and then just come back and chill around here for the other half. Then its only a couple months wait till my favorite trip to Key West in October. 

       So I mentioned next week I have 5 photo jobs which is going to keep me busy. I have 3 real estate shoots, I’m photographing the kids at the Boys and Girls club for their new website, and I’m doing my first wedding since I was in college on Saturday. I swore I would never do weddings again, but its for friends of mine so I couldn’t say no. Who knows maybe I’ll find I enjoy doing them again and can start doing them every once in awhile.

       Hope you’re all doing well! 

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