I have listed the traditional services I am currently offering below. I am open to doing other things, so if you have an idea, an event you want me to cover, etc. please contact me via the form below or through any method on the contact page.

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Real Estate Photos

$150 per home

Includes 25+ fully edited digital photos of the inside, outside, and surrounding area for listing on the MLS.


$100 per hour

Editing of photos is included in the per hour cost which is based on the length of time I need to be on site. Prints are not included in price. (See portrait print costs)

Print Sales

All photos in my galleries are for sale (besides other's portraits). 

$30 for an 8x10
$45 for an 11x14
$60 for a 13x19

You can order larger prints, however I have to send them to a lab for printing. Cost will be $60 for the image plus printing charge.


$100 for a session (no print rights)
$200 for session (with print rights)
$50 for simple headshot 

Prints are priced as follows:

$5 per 5x7
$8 per 8x10
$15 per 11x14
$25 per 13x19

Negative/Slide Scans

$1.00 each - Price includes color correcting, editing, and dust/scratch removal where possible. Images can be sent to you digitally (included in price) or put on thumb drive (your thumb drive no charge, otherwise $10 for the drive)

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