Take 2

     Less than a week until my cross country trip into Canada, and it can’t come fast enough. Now more than ever I need this time away to think, reflect, and create. I will be leaving in the afternoon of March 29th and will be coming back on the 13th or 14th of April. In that two weeks I will cover over 7,000 miles, and about 100 hours of driving. The main stops along the way are the mountains of Northern Georgia, Black Hills, SD, Glacier National Park, MT, Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, Salt Lake City, and Colorado Springs/Denver, Colorado. 

     When I get back unfortunately I will be dealing with divorce from my wife of almost 14 years. I’m hoping that since we have no children, and just a house and bank accounts that need to be split, that we can make it fast so that we can move on with starting our lives over. 

      My next post will come from the road. I hope that the content that I create will be enjoyable to follow along with. I am excited to create some great images from the natural beauty of our country and our neighbor to the north. 

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