Trip West

     Another year and another successful, and enjoyable Funk Fest! I have posted some photos from this years at the bottom of this blog. If you have not checked out this annual music festival held in downtown Punta Gorda, do yourself a favor….go next year! I also tried my hand at video editing and posted a video on my Facebook/YouTube page if you wanna check that out. Trying to do these concerts/festivals more often and I have been making some contacts that hopefully can make that happen. Doesn’t pay anything, but I get in free, up close, and it gets my work out there to thousands of people.

     I am getting super excited for my cross-country trip into Western Canada in just 4 weeks! I still have a bunch of planning to do, but as I mentioned in my last post there is no real itinerary other than Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. I was talking to my friend Chris, that will be coming with me the other day, and we may choose to stay in Banff more than two days if we are really inspired, or we may still go to Vancouver and Seattle. It’s all kind of up in the air. I am normally someone that likes to have a strict plan, but I don’t want to put us on a schedule other than needing to be back home on April 13th. I just want to relax, and take a ton of awesome photos.

     I won’t lie, the trip is a little scary to me for many reasons. Mainly, my wife and I have never spent more than a couple days apart in the almost 14 years of our marriage. I think we are both quite anxious about it, but I think it will be healthy for both of us. There is also the large amount of miles I will be putting on my vehicle, the unpredictable weather that time of year, etc. I strongly believe though that the good will far outweigh the bad, and I’m sure the time will fly by. I just hope we can fit in enough shooting to make the 100 hours of driving worth it. I see a lot of Red Bulls, and 5 Hour Energy’s in my future!!

     As I mentioned previously, I want to heavily document this trip, and I hope you all enjoy following us on the journey. I encourage you to share our posts on your social media pages so that we can reach a larger audience. I also plan on handing out business cards to people we meet along the way (restaurant, hotel, and park employees, etc) in hopes of growing my brand and maybe even selling some of my work. I’m sure my blogging will be much more frequent for those two weeks as well. Please follow Chris Burkett Photography on social media as well. He will be on the trip with me, and I think you will enjoy his work. I will link his social pages on my Facebook in a post.

     Other than that I have no big plans/shoots upcoming. A couple real estate and portrait/headshot shoots is all. When I return from my trip I have a small music festival in Tampa on April 14th, and then the 3 day Rockville festival in Jacksonville on May 3-5. 

     Hope you are all well. I’ll probably do another post before I leave, but if not I hope you all enjoy watching our journey!

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