Its been an awesome week! On Wednesday I had a portrait shoot (images below) with a friend’s daughter, and the photos came out really well. This was the first of a couple shoots with her since we did not get to all the locations I wanted to photograph her at. I am looking forward to the next shoot as each with a model tend to get easier as both model and photographer build a rapport a comfort with each other.

      The day before the portrait shoot I shot an amazing house for the Houseman Team Realtors from Keller Williams. The home is only 1/2 mile from mine, but located back in a secluded area that I had not through before. The house is over 4,500 square feet and is gorgeous. I have put a couple of the photos below. Asking price is $699,000 which I think is a steal for the size of the house, and what it offers in quality and location. It is a 3/3/5 with an additionally 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom located in an apartment/mother in law suite behind the attached 5 car garage.

     The most exciting part of my week was getting my new studio setup in one of our extra rooms on Saturday. I spent much of the afternoon getting the lights, and background setup. We then went around to several consignment and thrift stores in the area to look for a chair/stool for posing. I had a look/style I wanted to find, and after 5 or 6 stores I found something that would work. Not exactly what I was looking for but I like it. I also got a small stool to use as well. I obviously wanted to test out the equipment so I did a boudoir shoot with my wife Sarah that evening. I was impressed with how well the images came out as this was the first time I used these lights, and haven’t worked in a studio environment since college (16 years ago). I am now even more excited to start doing more portraits and am looking for more models. I will be shooting my wife again later this week as we only used the white background for “high key” lighting/look. I also have a black background and will be doing some more hard light and “low key” photos. The studio is going to open up a lot of new opportunities and projects for me to diversify my portfolio.

     So for the rest of this week I have a few things planned. I had a real estate shoot today for the Houseman Team in North Port, tomorrow I will probably do another shoot with Sarah to try out the black background in the studio. I also have another possible real estate job in Venice later this week. Lastly on Saturday I will be shooting the Peace River Revival music festival at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda put on by Edgewater Events (Matt and Nick Nemec). 

     I’m still having a lot of fun with this “second job” and more and more opportunities keep presenting themselves. I have a lot I want to do and my next blog post will probably be about where I hope this takes me in the months and years ahead. Until then I hope you all enjoyed reading this an enjoy my work on here and social media. Thank you for your support.

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