Need to get motivated

     I made a post the other day saying that I have been slacking over the past couple weeks in getting out with my cameras, and I wanted to elaborate on that with this blog post. I think after the 2 great days of Funk Fest, and the full week worth of editing afterwards I needed a short break. Between that and a lot of other things going on, photography wasn’t at the forefront of my mind like it has been for the past year. In the last couple days that has changed. I am going to get out this weekend, and hopefully take some portraits of Sarah (my wife) as well as some nature shots. I also need to get back out at night since I love night photography.

     I have also decided to invest more in my indoor (studio) lighting equipment so that I can do more portraiture/product photography as well as some experimenting with other lighting techniques. Today I ordered 3 strobe lights, umbrellas, reflectors, a soft box, background stand, and two backgrounds (black and white). I was hopeful they would be delivered by Saturday so that I could work on some things this weekend, but the main pieces (the strobes) could not be 2 day delivered. So now I can setup some things next week after work and start playing around.

    Hopefully starting this weekend I will be posting some new work on the site. I also have a real estate job late Monday afternoon which I am looking forward to. The agent on the house told me I was going to love this one, so I can’t wait to see what it has to offer. I may also be doing some portraiture for a friend’s daughter who wants to start working on a modeling portfolio. We are working on the specifics of where, and what the style she wants to portray so that we can plan out the shoot(s) and take full advantage of the time and lighting.

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