I have a problem….

       I only went 4 weeks between blog posts this time! Actually I’ve been meaning to make a post for at least a week, but just couldn’t find the time. Last post I mentioned I was going to be going on an Eco Tour of Babcock Ranch. Well it was a really early morning (had to be there by 7:00am and its a 30 min drive), but well worth it. We saw almost every animal you can think of thats native to Florida except a panther. I have put a few of the photos below, but do yourselves a favor if you live in SW Florida, take one of those tours. You won’t regret it.

       So on to the explanation of the post title. I seem to have a “problem” collecting cameras and lenses. The good news is I think my collection is pretty much complete now. I just bought a Nikon D500, and a Nikon D5600 which takes my collection of camera bodies to 7 (D850, D810, Z6, D7200, and D40 in addition to the new ones). There are a couple reasons for the new purchases. I am interested in getting into video and vlogging in addition to photography so the D5600 will be my vlogging camera since it has a flip screen. The D500 is an extremely fast camera that shoots at 12 frames per second, useful for wildlife and sports photography. My D850, while a superior camera in many other ways (43MP vs 21MP) only shoots at 7 FPS. I have yet to use either one but I’m excited to take them on a test run later this week.

       The biggest news I have for this post is that on March 29th I will be leaving to go on 2 week, cross country trip into Western Canada strictly to take photographs and videos. I have been wanting to go to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada for at least a year now, and decided to just go. My wife has 2 less weeks of vacation than I do, and she gets bored if I wanna spend time taking photos on our vacations, so this worked out well. I decided to invite along another local photographer friend as well. We don’t have everything planned out yet, however the main stops will be Georgia for waterfalls, Black Hills SD, Glacier National Park in Montana, Banff National Park in Alberta, Vancouver BC, Seattle WA, and Salt Lake City Utah. The plan is to stop along the way where we feel inspired to shoot and heavily document the trip for social media. I’m sure I’ll be positing more about it as the trip approaches, but I’m really excited and looking forward to it.

       Other upcoming things in the next couple weeks are a couple shoots at the Wyvern Hotel for some events they have a real estate shoot on Monday, and Funk Fest on Friday and Saturday of next weekend. Really looking forward to Funk Fest as its been a couple months since I have shot a concert. Hope you all are well out there!

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