Funk Fest 9

     Wow what a week it has been! Last weekend, as I mentioned in my last blog, we were in Key West. Unfortunately I did not take as many photos as I wanted, because I was having “too much” fun. It was however a great time and a much needed getaway. We went with a great group of friends and we all had a blast together. The relaxation however came to an abrupt halt as I was back to work on Tuesday with both jobs. 
     On Tuesday night I shot some photos of a friends daughter playing her first softball game of the season. Unfortunately the field was 100% fenced and I had to shoot through one small door. The situation did not leave me many options in regards to angle, distance, etc. ,but I got some good shots none the less. On Wednesday I had two houses to shoot for The Houseman group. One was edited the same night and the other was finished today so that both homes could be listed by week’s end. Today was a more relaxing day after my day job, but I did get my new Sigma 150-600mm lens out to photograph the full moon. The past full moons I have shot were with a Nikon 70-300mm zoom lens. While I got good results before, this new lens runs circles around the previous one. I can fill much more of the frame with the moon since now I can zoom in much closer. The new lens is also of higher quality so the image is sharper. I have posted the photo I took tonight below.
     Tomorrow and Saturday are the highlights of the week as Funk Fest 9 will be happening in downtown Punta Gorda. This is an event I always look forward to attending (my band even played in it one year), and this year is even better for many reasons. The two biggest ones are the lineup gets bigger and better, and because I get to photograph it this year. Both days will have some bands during the daylight hours, and some at night. This allows me to get a variety of shots in different lighting and experiment with some things.
     I am really looking forward to shooting some of these bands to add to my portfolio. My goal is to strengthen my portfolio of concert photography gain access to some modern national acts that come in the area. Almost everything I am doing right now is actually to build a stronger portfolio in hopes of making this my main job down the road. I am mainly looking to add more to my portrait portfolio, so if you would like to be a model let me know.
     I Don’t have much on the photo calendar for next week, which is kind of nice after this one. I can use the time to brainstorm on some ideas for future shoots as well as work on my website. Another thing I need to do is get out in the “wild” with the new lens I mentioned. Don’t need to get very close to birds, gators, etc. to obtain some nice images with that thing.        Thanks again for reading my ramblings. Look for a blog post after Funk Fest and some photos added to the “concert” section of my site.


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