Excited and Optimistic

     This past week has been crazy busy and exciting for me. As I mentioned in my last post I shot a real estate job last Wednesday which went well. I have included a few images from that shoot below. Friday was a really exciting day as I discovered a few national hard rock bands were going to be playing in Cape Coral on April 11th (tomorrow). I contacted the promotor at the club to inquire if I could photograph it, and heard back that I could. Only about 2 hours later I got a call from a contributor to the website www.musicfestnews.com. They were going to be doing a story on this past weekend’s Peace River Revival festival in Punta Gorda. They needed a photographer and asked if they could use some of my work from that shoot. So some of my photos from that event (possibly some of the ones below) will be published on their site. I will be sure to post the link when I have it. While I am not being paid for this, I will receive photo credit which will increase the exposure of my work. To add to that excitement, the writer of the story encouraged me to contact the owner of Music Fest News to see about being an ongoing contributor!

    Saturday was the Peace River Revival festival. The event was great as all Edgewater Events have been over the past year. It featured Lukas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson) and Devon Allman (of the famous Allman family), unfortunately we did not get to see Devon perform as the skies opened up about 20 seconds into their first song which caused their performance to be cancelled. Also performing were Michael Haymans & His Hibiscus Band, Love Canon, Seth Freeman, and Donna the Buffalo.

     I planned this weeks blog post to be about my ambitions and plans for my photography in the months and years ahead, but so much excitement happened this week that I had to talk about that. So I will hit on a little here, and continue next week. As I discussed last post I have setup a studio in one of our spare bedrooms for portraits, still life’s, etc. I’ve also been thinking a little bit about actually establishing a corporation in hopes that I can continue to grow this into a full time gig down the road. Its definitely a goal, but my day job pays too well to walk away from at this time. In addition to the studio I have purchased a high resolution (7200dpi) negative and slide scanner. My initial plan was to convert a lot of my high school and college work to digital files and share some of that. Then I got to thinking about using that scanner to increase business. I’m sure there are a lot of people  with negatives and slides that would like to have those digitally converted, and possibly printed. Negatives and slides degrade over time, especially if they are not stored properly. This service will allow these images to live on forever with no degradation. Also I will be color correcting and editing to get the best image quality possible out of client negatives/slides. The scanner arrives on Friday and I will scan some of my old work to show everyone the quality of the scans.

     I will get more into my future plans in the next blog post. I will be posting photos from my concert shoot tomorrow, and a real estate shoot Thursday on social media in the coming days. Also look for the link to my published photos once I get it. 


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