Big News

     So last week presented a couple great opportunities for me as it relates to my concert photography. Last November I met a fellow photographer, Jonathan Hawkins, at the Big Orange Music Festival. Jonathan has shot a lot of national shows and I started asking him how he got started. We started following each other on social media, and talking about concert photography. In April we met again at the Peace River Revival Music Festival, and he mentioned he started an online magazine for concert reviews and photographs with a friend of his ( He asked me if I’d be interested in shooting some shows for them, which I said I was. This week the first couple of approvals to shoot some National acts came in. On June 11th I will be shooting the Scott Stapp (from the band Creed) show at The Capital Theater in Clearwater. Then on August 5th I will be shooting the final date, ever, of the Warped Tour at which one of my favorite bands will be performing. Looking forward to both of these events and sharing the photos.

     That was the big news of the week, but I also got the chance to shoot a little bit for myself. We have been getting a lot of rain lately here in SW Florida, and the sunsets here are always amazing after a thunderstorm. Last week I decided to head out to the harbor after a storm and got some fantastic shots which I have posted below. We also had our second batch of Monarch Butterflies start to hatch this week here at my house. This time we had 8 chrysalis’ and so far 6 of them have hatched with the other two happening any day now. I have posted a couple of those photos below as well.

     This week I would like to get out and do some more shooting for myself and my social media. I would also like to do some indoor shooting in my studio. I have some ideas with close-up and product photography that I would like to play around with. Hopefully I find the time to get some of this in. Lastly I want to remind you all that any photos that you see on my site or social media are available for print. If there is a photo you like and want to frame it and display it in your home please let me know. The prices for the prints are listed on my website. I hope you all have a great week and watch my social media for new photos.

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