Been awhile

        Its been a long time since I have made a blog post! I’ve been extremely busy with work, photography, and personal life things that I have neglected this. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things as I try to build my photography brand and expand upon it.

        So much has happened since my last post (June 19th) and if you follow me on social media you have seen that. I did get the “job” with the Wyvern Hotel and I have been shooting for them since July. The trip to Colorado was awesome and I got some great images from that trip that I posted. Didn’t shoot as much as I would have liked, but that was not the main purpose of the trip so it was expected.

In August I got the opportunity to shoot the final Warped Tour show in Fort Lauderdale. It was amazing! I got to shoot a couple of my favorite bands (Motionless in White, The Amity Affliction) and discovered a new band that I really enjoy, Ice Nine Kills. The rest of 2018 was filled with local music festivals, real estate shoots, and some portrait shoots.

        My photography has really taken off in many areas since November. I have focused more on planned shoots and making time to get out and practice my craft. That has helped improve my work as well as helping me ground myself. Photography is an escape for me, and as a good friend of mine said “puts me in my happy place”. Lately I have been most happy when I am shooting, exploring new places, and editing photos. I have also enjoyed surfing social media, seeing what other photographers are doing as well as getting positive reinforcement on my work. It gets me thinking positively about where I want to take this in the future. For example I would really like to get into shooting and editing videos along with my photography. A couple years ago I discovered a photographer/videographer in Toronto, Peter McKinnon, who creates amazing content on YouTube. The guy literally went from a few thousand followers to over 2 million in a year and a half. He now gets to travel the world on someone else dime. His work is amazing and he’s someone who influences and motivates me to improve and take chances.

        So whats upcoming for me? Well in the immediate future I am doing a photographer’s Eco Tour in Babcock Ranch tomorrow morning. One of my fellow photographers, and the person I credit for getting me excited about photography again a few years ago, Chris Burkett, will be attending as well. I look forward to shooting alongside him and seeing how he works. 

        I have recently been asked to display some of my work in the Wyvern Hotel by the Visual Arts Center here in Punta Gorda. I have been trying to narrow it down to 8 images that I will have printed and framed. The images will be on display for 6 months starting at the end of February. All images will be for sale so I encourage anyone local to go check them out. Of course all of my images are for sale so if there is something you would like please contact me.

        Lastly I have a huge opportunity that I still don’t want to discuss openly until it is confirmed that will happen in May. To this point it will be the biggest thing I have ever shot and I am very excited about it! Stay tuned in the coming months.

        Hopefully I can stay more active on this blog moving forward. There are a lot of big things upcoming so that should help me stay focused.

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