Another Great Week!

     I have had an unbelievable week! As I mentioned in my last blog I had the opportunity to shoot a few national touring rock bands in Cape Coral on Wednesday (I have posted some of those photos below). My wife and I got to meet some of the band members who were awesome, and they spent a good amount of time talking to me about the tour. I posted a number of the photos on Instagram/Facebook, and the bands have commented that they loved the photos. They shared them with their followers which has gotten me some good exposure, and new followers. 

     I also mentioned in my last blog that my photos from Peace River Revival were going to be published on the website Click here for the link to that article that includes my photos. On top of that, Lukas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson), linked the article and my photos on his Facebook page which has over 200,000 followers. I really couldn’t have asked for more exposure than my work got for these two events, but theres more…..

     On Saturday a couple friends of ours asked us to goto a Mud Drag event out in rural Punta Gorda. I brought my camera and got some good shots of the trucks, ATV’s, Jeeps, and people in attendance. I posted those on social media, and tagged the event promotor who proceeded to share my photos on their site. That event got me 10 new followers and became one of my most view posts on Facebook yet. I have posted a few of those photos below as well.

     So whats planned for this week? I actually have a much quieter week on the photo front as of right now. I did shoot another house for The Houseman Team yesterday, which makes 4 in the past 3 weeks which is awesome. On Friday my wife an I are attending Rockfest in Tampa. I will bring my camera in case I can shoot the free bands outside, but know I cannot get in the arena with my camera since I do not have credentials for the show. Other than that I don’t have any planned photo shoots. I will use some free time to update my website, and better organize my studio. I also will be studying for my Drone pilots license, and expanding on my photoshop knowledge as I’d like to start creating some composite images.

     I thank you all for reading and following my photography journey. Please feel free to share my posts and social media with your friends and family. I hope you all have a great week!

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